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  • Live General Session online experience
  • Online recognition
  • Video on demand during and 30 days after the event
  • Exclusive virtual content (behind the scenes)
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    An Exceptional APC Experience - VIP & VVIP Benefits 

    You constantly enhance your business and we’re enhancing your APC experience. VIP and VVIP attendees are the movers and shakers of USANA. You’re smashing goals, growing communities, earning awards, and making a huge impact. 



    • Share the Vision Reception earners
    • Convention Threshold Award winners
    • USANA League Prestige members 
    • Diamond Directors and above
    • Executive-ranked Distributors


    • Special lanyard and name badge
    • Early access to registration with a VIP line
    • Shoutout during General Session
    • Exclusive seating in the expo with private restrooms
    • An exclusive line for order fulfillment
    • VIP recognition photo wall



    • Top 25 Convention Award Winners 

    • Dr. Wentz Vision Award nominees 

    • Denis Waitley Leadership Award nominees 

    • USANA Foundation Ambassador Award nominees

    • USANA League Pinnacle members


    • Special lanyard and name badge

    • Shoutout during General Session

    • Exclusive seating

    • Skip the lines and pick up product orders in the lounge

    • VVIP recognition photo wall

    • VVIP Lounge access

    • On-stage recognition

    • Backstage meet and greet with USANA executives and general managers

    Dr. Wentz Is Coming to APC + More


    Join Dr. Wentz at APC 2023!

    Experience all the energy with USANA’s founder. 






    Keynote: Vinh Giang

    Magician, Entrepreneur, and Coach

    Vinh gained the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset from his parents, who fled Vietnam to Australia in 1981 and went on to start multiple successful businesses. His father’s belief that “life is a miracle” inspired Vinh to see the possibilities in his own life. Today, he travels the world, teaching communication skills and engaging audiences with energy and flair. 

    As a college student, Vinh struck out on his own to start an online business teaching magic. As founder of Encyclopedia of Magic and CEO of Luminary Productions, Vinh combines the two biggest passions of his life: teaching and magic. As a magician, Vinh partnered with other performers to create fun and award-winning shows. His team’s performances won multiple awards at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, one of the world’s largest art events.

    Using the themes of perspective, empowerment, goal setting, and a positive mindset, he encourages others to believe in the possibility of positive change in their lives and business ventures.  Vinh teaches professionals to re-imagine their approach to communication. “Don’t be so attached to who you are in the present, give the future version of you a chance,” he points out, and then proceeds to teach us how to amplify the best parts of who we are. 


    Get Ready for RAIN

    Party at K-pop superstar and international actor RAIN’s performance! You can’t help but dance and vibe to his beat. RAIN has won multiple awards for his music, acting, dancing, and producing talents—along with his environmental and humanitarian efforts. Get ready for this high-energy, exhilarating show. 

    USANA Live 2023 Asia Pacific Convention

    Seoul, South Korea

    4­–6 May 2023

    This year we are shining the spotlight on your accomplishments—literally! Join us for an incredible weekend of inspiration, learning, and celebration. Create memories to last a lifetime as we recognise you and everything you’ve achieved. Power your entrepreneurial mindset with engaging workshops, energising speakers, and special events. Plus, lots of shopping for exclusive products and stylish logo gear.


    See You In Seoul!

    Get ready to be on the pinnacle of wellness science as you network with some of the biggest lifestyle influencers in the region.


    Recognition Deadline: 31 March

    2023 is a big year! New Silver Directors will be honoured on stage, along with new Golds and above. We believe in you, so the rank advancement deadline has been extended to 31 March 2023. In-person tickets must be purchased and assigned by 31 March 2023.


    In addition, Distributors will be celebrated during the hybrid General Session in the following categories:

    Top 25 Business Growth Award

    President’s Award

    Top 25 Rising Star Award

    Rookie of the Year

    Top 25 Sales Leader Award

    #1 Top Sales Leader Award

    Top 25 Community Award

    #1 Top Community Award

    Dr. Wentz Vision Award

    Denis Waitley Leadership Award for Business Excellence

    USANA Foundation Ambassador


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