At the USANA Foundation, We are always looking for ways to tackle worldwide malnutrition head on. Our Global Meals Initiative provides an immediate source of food, but we continually challenge ourselves to find innovative solutions that empower families to feed, nourish, and provide for themselves for years to come—solutions like our Garden Towers initiative.
Millions of families across the world have inadequate access to sustainable food sources. Most have to walk for hours to their nearest vegetable market and spend money that they could put towards their children’s’ education because the soil isn’t fertile enough to grow crops in, or they have no land on which to plant in the first place. Garden Towers are a remarkably simple invention that empowers families to take back control over their livelihoods.


What is a Garden Tower?

A Garden Tower is a simple and compact, sustainable solution for providing fresh, nutritious food to families all over the world.



Garden Tower offers more than just sustenance. It allows families who have had to scrape together what they can just to survive to take control over their situation. It gives them the means to take care of themselves, to improve their quality of life, and to do so with dignity and independence.

What starts off as soil and seeds encased in mesh webbing yields more than you can imagine. Garden towers provide income, nutrition, community, water conservation, land conservation, and hope for communities in need.


Build Your Business, Build a Garden Tower for Others

Small ticket, big impact. A portion of your All Access Americas & Europe Virtual Convention ticket goes toward the USANA Foundation and a garden towers project. The Foundation is using garden towers to help end hunger.

A garden tower is an inexpensive, heavy-duty mesh, flexible tube. When filled with soil, the 4' x 4' drum yields up to 100 plants. Each environmentally friendly tower is a simple, compact, sustainable source of fresh, nutritious food and can last five to six years. One ticket ($24.95 USD) pays for one garden tower. 
One garden tower provides eight meals a week per person. These towers are bringing people out of poverty as they make money by selling produce from the towers. We have an opportunity as entrepreneurs to help others improve their lives.